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Statistic of Indian Co-operative Society

Indian Co-Operative Movement At a Glance : 2007-2008

Number of Cooperatives (All Level) Rs. 5,95,215
Primary  Agrl. and Credit  Cooperatives Rs. 1,50,593
Primary Non-Credit Cooperatives (All Types) Rs. 4,41,125
Membership of Cooperatives (Grass root coops) 249.248 Million
Membership  of  Primary Agrl/Credit  Cooperatives 183.369 Million
Membership Primary  Non-Credit Cooperatives             65.879  Million
Share Capital (All Level & All Types)                                Rs. 3,37,192.6   
Share Capital of Primary Credit Cooperatives  Rs. 1,76,794.9
Share Capital of Primary Non-Credit Cooperatives     Rs. 67,250.6
Govt. Participation  in Primary Credit Cooperatives              4.39%
Working Capital (Credit + Non Credit) Rs. 59,74,972.4
Reserves Rs. 5,46,240.7
Deposits Rs. 34,85,480.4
Villages Covered by Cooperatives 97%
National Level Cooperative Federations 21
State Level Cooperative  Federations 386
District Level Cooperative Federations 3,111
Agricultural Credit 2007-2008
Short -Term (ST)  Rs. 4,73,897.5
Medium -Term (MT ) Rs. 1,02,527.3
Investment Credit Advanced (LT) Rs. 20,211.0
Total Loans Advanced (ST+ MT+ LT) Rs. 5,96,635.8
Share of Cooperatives in  National  Economy (Percentage (%))
Rural Network (Villages Covered) 97
Agricultural Credit Disbursed  by Cooperatives 19
Fertiliser Distributed*  36
Fertiliser  Production (3.169 Lakh MT) Nutrient    26.3
Sugar Produced (6.418 Million Tonnes -As on 31 March 2009) 46.6
Capacity Utilisation of Sugar Mills (As on 31 March 2009)  59.8
Wheat  Procurement (6.926 Million Tonnes)*    33.5
Animal Feed Production/Supply* 50
Retail Fair Price Shops (Rural + Urban)                                          20.3
Milk Procurement  to Total  Production*   8.19
Milk  Procurement  to  Marketable Surplus* 10.5
Ice Cream Manufacture*           45
Oil Marketed (branded)* 49
Spindleadge in Cooperatives ( 3.534 Million)*        10.3
Handlooms in Cooperatives*       54
Fishermen in Cooperatives (active)* 23
Rubber  Procured  and Marketed* 18.5
Arecanut  processed and marketed( 3.65 lakh tonnes)* 15
Salt Manufactured (18,266 Metric Tonnes)*      7.6
Direct Employment  Generated 1.22  Million
Self-Employmnet Generated for persons  15.47 Million
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